Antony Movie Review

Antony Tamil Movie Review
Lal is a police officer in Kodaikanal, who lives with his wife Rekha and son Nishanth. He quits his job to help his wife who loses walking ability. Meanwhile, Nishanth gets job as a cop.

Problem arises when Rekha comes to know about Nishanth’s love with Vishali. She does not like her son’s love, but Lal accepts Nishanth’s love and even decides to help them unite without the knowledge of Rekha.

He plans to do register marriage for the young couple and waits at the registrar office with Vaishali. However, Nishanth does not turn up at the specified time.

Worried by this, Lal starts searching for his son. He visits the station where he works and even starts investigating to know if he had any enemies.

But Nishanth gets caught in a landslide. Did Lal find his son, was Nishanth able to survive the landslide or not forms the rest of the story. Lal who comes as a caring and affectionate dad has delivered a seasoned performance.

He has done exceptionally well in the emotional scenes. Rekha too has brought in all her experience to convincingly perform her character.

Nishanth and Vishali have done justice to the characters given to them. Director Kutty Kumar has made the movie based on the landslides that happen in the Kodaikanal.

However, the storyline and screenplay aimlessly wander without creating much impact. This makes the audience disconnected from the characters which prevents the message from being conveyed. Balaji’s cinematography is top notch and is one of the major highlights of the movie.

Antony is a good story line which is not supported by the screenplay
Raring:2.25 – Sandwiched Story