Andhra Mess Movie Review

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AP Shreethar owes money to Vinodh, a don. Vinodh says that he will not ask for the money if Sridhar brings a box.

Following this Shreethar along with his team comprising of Raj Bharath, Mathi and Balaji complete the task only to find that the box is filled with cash. The team elopes with the money and find refugee at a bungalow in North India.
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Amar along with his wife live in that bungalow. During their stay there, Raj Bharat falls in love with Amar’s wife Tejaswini. Did Vinodh get back his cash, did Amar find out about his wife’s affair form the rest of the story.

Sridhar who is making his debut in the movie is an actor to watch for especially in the negative shades. His expressions do much of the talking than his words.
Raj Bharat has done well in the romance sequences. The two female leads Tejaswini and Pooja Devariya add spice to the flick. Vinodh and Amar too have done justice to their characters.

Director Jai has tried to give a dark humour movie and has worked out well in patches. But, he has struggled to keep the tempo through out the film.

Songs and BGM by Prashanth Pillai are average and cinematography by Mukesh G has helped in keeping the mood of the movie. Andhra Mess is an attempt that could have been done better.

Rating: 2/5 – Messy Mess

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