Aditi Balan honours blood donors

Actress Aditi Balan honours blood donors
Aditi Balan of Aruvi fame attended an event organised by Fortis Malar hospital in Chennai to mark World Blood Donor day and felicitated blood donors with special mementos for their yeoman service.

In a statement, Dr Jyotsna Codaty, HOD, Transfusion Medicine, Fortis Malar Hospital, said, “the amazing fact about donating blood is that a single donation can save up to three lives, because we can receive different blood samples from a single donor and it can thereby accordingly be transferred to other patients.”
She added: “Any adult over the age of 18 can donate blood and it takes only 30 minutes in any licensed
blood bank; and the volume is replaced in a few hours while the cells take around 48 hours to regenerate. A
single unit blood can benefit several patients.”

Meanwhile on the professional front, Aditi is said to be listening scripts and is expected to sign new projects soon.