Bhaskar Oru Rascal Review

Arvind Swamy, Baby Nainika, Amala Paul, Master Raghavan in Bhaskar Oru Rascal Movie Review
Aravind Swami is a rich widower, who stays along with his father Nassar and son Master Raghavan. A businessman, he is straight forward and deals everything without patience.

On the contrary, his son Raghav is calm and acts according to the situation and at times advices his own dad.

During one summer holiday, Raghav joins a Karate class, where his classmate and close friend Nainika, daughter of single mother Amala Paul, also joins.

Nainika is impressed by the nature of Arvind Swami and wants to have a father like him. On the other hand, Amala Paul is liked by Raghav and the friends hatch a plan to get their parents married.

But Arvind Swami and Amala Paul already have a flashback where they do not get along. Did the kids succeed in their plan, did Arvind Swami and Amala Paul get along with each other form the rest of the story.

Arvind Swami has carried out his role with ease and the chemistry between him and Raghav is a delight to watch. Be it the action sequences or the emotional scenes Arvind Swami has excelled in the Character.

Raghav too has enough scope to perform and impresses the audience with his acting skills. Comparing how talented, Baby Nainika is, it has to be admitted that she does not get much scope to prove her acting skills here.
Bhaskar Oru Rascal Review Aravind Swami Amala Paul
Amala Paul in the role of a mother who does everything with caution has nailed her role. Apart from this the star cast of Naassar, Vijaykumar and Yogi Babu add strength to the movie.

Director Siddique has tried to recreate the original Malayalam version and it has worked in parts here and there. However, he has succeeded in conveying the message that he wanted to.

Music by Amresh Ganesh is pleasant and his BGM is also appreciable. Watch Bhaskar oru Rascal for the performances of the lead characters more than anything else.
Rating: 2.5/5 – Sweet Rascal