Mercury movie releasing on 13 April as planned

Aprt from the storyline, a thriller movie’s success majorly depends on the camera works and BGM. The trailer of Mercury which was released on Monday has given us a glimpse of the excellent work that has been done in both these departments for the film.

The 1.42 minute trailer was released by AR Rahman and looks scary enough. The horror flick seems to deal with the supernatural elements that happen at a place where 84 people have died after ‘Mercury Poisoning’.

Prabhudeva has a look which resembles close to a Zombie. We will have to wait and see if this is a ghost flick or Zombie movie.

The visuals are crisp and the intensity in Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM is top notch. The trailer has raised the expectations of the movie. The trailer has also confirmed that the movie wil be releasing on 13 April as planned.
Directed by Karthik Subbaraj’s, the film has Prabhudeva playing an important character. The movie is said to have no dialogues The flick is bankrolled by Stone Bench Films Banner.