Padai Veeran Movie Review

Vijay Yesudas Amritha Padai Veeran Movie Review
A jobless Vijay Yesudas who is in love with his relative Amrita, roams the village along with his friends. Though there are communal differences between his place and neighbouring village, they still stay united.

All of a sudden, Vijay wants to become a police officer as he feels that he would gain the respect of the villagers and he could get booze and food for free.

As part of this ‘mission’, he approaches ex-service man Bharathiraja who gives one lakh rupees and helps him. Vijay clears the training with difficulty and returns to his village as a police officer in the middle of a communal clash between the two villages.

How did Vijay handle the situation, did he bring the clash under control, is he able to marry his lover form the rest of the story.

Vijay both as an irresponsible youngster and a responsible police officer has done justice to his character. He has emoted better in this movie than his previous film, but there is still scope for improvement.

Amrita has a strong role to play and has acted boldly. She stands out in the love portions as well. Bharathiraja has shown experience and impresses the audience with his seasoned acting.

Director Dhana has made the story based on clash between two villages. Though this is not new to K’town, he has shown subtle variations making the movie watchable. On the flipslide, the screenplay could have been more crispy.

Karthik Raja’s music is one of the biggest strengths of the movie and his BGM is top notch. Padai Veeran is ange old story conveyed for modern day audience.
Rating: 2.75/5 – Lone warrior