Manusana Nee Movie Review

Manusana Nee Movie Review
Joining the long list of medical crime based movies is Manushana Nee directed by Ghazali.

Though the movie has been released many months after the making, the content is still relatable to the present situation.

Many youngsters reportedly go missing from the State and police starts investigating the mystery cases. As this happens, hero Aadharsh is treated by a doctor after he gets injured in a fight.

He is administered a medicine which is under testing and he gets super human powers. There are also side-effects to the medicine which makes his body decay at a rapid pace.

What happens next, what is the medicine that was administered to the hero, what link this has to the missing youngsters forms the rest of the story.

Aadharsh who has made his debut with the flick has impressed the audience with his performance, be it the action scenes or the ones in which he finds out the truth about the medicine, he has emoted well.

Anu Krishna who plays the female lead also has a strong character to portray and has carried it well.

Credit has to be given to director Ghazali for taking up such a script and delivering it with a crisp screenplay. The storyline is also fresh which keeps the audience engaged.

Music director Vignesh Pai has maintained the tempo of the movie with his BGM. Manushana Nee is a fresh script which will keep the audience engaged throughout.
Rating: 2.5/5 – Beyond imagination