Kamal thanks US prof for giving ideas for ‘new TN’

Kamal haasan thanks US Professor Kash for giving ideas for 'new TN'
Kamal Haasan has thanked a Boston-based professor for his ideas to create ‘new Thamizhnadu’

“Thank you Professor Kash for moderating the meeting. I had the pleasure of interacting with some of the brightest minds in Boston,” he said in a tweet today.

Kamal added: “Your bright ideas for a new Thamizhnadu & your enthusiasm to be part of the impending change, assures me ,naaLai namade.”
Kamal thanks US prof for giving ideas for 'new TN'
On Sunday, the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ delivered an address at Harvard and said he wants to provide a different kind of politics. On partnering with superstar Rajinikanth in politics, he said, “It isn’t like choosing the star cast for films. Both will have to deliberate whether it is necessary for us to join hands. But his colour should not be saffron”.

“My films were different from my peers and I want to be different in politics too. I am unwilling to settle for one political ideology and would feed myself in the international buffet of political ideologies,” he said.