Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

Sangu Chakkaram is the story of how a few kids and kidnappers get caught in a haunted palace and how they escape from it.

Dhilip Subbarayan sets up a plan for a kidnap and a bunch of children goes to a mansion without knowing that it is haunted.

The kids are followed by Dhilip and two other adults who end up getting haunted by a mother ghost Geetha and a baby ghost Monica.

Meanwhile, a real estate agent sends in a priest and exorcist to ward off the ghosts so that he can sell the place. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Just like what the makers promoted, the movie has everything for the kids to enjoy. There are a few moral stories which are told on the go and a few lessons for the parents who accompany the children as well.

Director Maarison has used all the elements of a ghost story minus the glamour and the double meaning dialouges.

He has also ensured that there are not gory scenes and lagging flashbacks which will stop the flow of the movie.

The kids who have acted in the flick have done a decent job be it the dialogue delivery of the scene where they get scared by the ghost or help the priest to escape.

Music director Sabir has done a decent job with his background score. On the downside, the movie might not be that appealing to the adults. But Sangu Chakkaram is a flick which the kids will enjoy.

Rating: 2/5 – Caught in the swirl