Palli Paruvathile Movie Review

Palli Paruvathiley Movie ReviewPalli Paruvathile deals with the story of a young boy who falls in love with his schoolmate.

K S Ravikumar is headmaster of a school in which his son Nandhan Ram also studies. Nandhan falls in love with Venbha.

At one stage Venbha’s father Ponvannan comes to know about Nandhan’s love and due to the respect he has towards Ravikumar, he calls and talks to Nandhan and advices him to forget his daughter.

However, Nandhan does not listen to this and keeps following Venbha. One day, Nandhan gets caught redhanded when he is talking to Venbha after which Ponvannan and his brother R K Suresh speak with Ravikumar family.

During this, Venbha says that she does not love Nandhan.
Disappointed by his son’s behaviour Ravikumar dies in the school.
Meanwhile, marriage arrangements are made for Venbha and Nandhan still tries to marry her.

Why is Nandhan so obsessed with Venbha? Did Venbha not really like Nandhan form the rest of the story.

Ravikumar has lived as the heaadmaster and with his seasoned acting has added weightage to the character. Nandhan as a youngster in love has carried out the job given to him neatly with subtle emotions.

Venbha has a hard hitting and a strong role and has done it to near perfection. The scenes where she controls her love is a must watch.
Ponvannan, RK Suresh and Oorvasi have all done their part well.

Director Vasudev Baskar has made a movie which will make people travel back to their school days. However, he has trimmed the length of few scenes in the first half. Music by Vijay Narayanan is above average.

On the whole, Palli Paruvathiley is a feel good school journey.
Rating : 2.25/5 – Lessons of life