Kodi Veeran Movie Review

Kodi Veeran Movie Review Sasikumar SanushaSasikumar is considered as demigod by the villagers because of his good deeds. He has a sister Sanusha, whom he takes care of like a princess.

Similarly, Pasupathi, a hench-man, also has a sister Poorna who is close to his heart. The path of these two brothers cross each other because of Sanusha’s lover Vidharth, a honest RDO who gets in the way of Pasupathy’s brother-in-law Inder Kumar.

What happens after this and is Sasikumar able to save Vidharth from Pasupathy forms the rest of the story.

The movie has a mix of sentiment, love and action. However for some reason, the flick is far from being impressive at most times and does not evoke the same interest as director Muthaiya’s previous films had.

The director has however tried to bring out the lifestyle of the people in Sivaganga and SR Karthi’s cinematography has captured the rural area effectively.

Sasikumar is tailor-made for his character and delivered what the role needed. Pasupathy is playing the antagonist after a long time and has carried out the role with ease.

On the other hand, just like all other Muthaiya movies, the female actors in the movie have more than just a duet song and all of them have done their parts effectively.

A special mention has to be made about Poorna’s dedication for her role. Mahima who comes as Vidharth’s sister and Sasikumar’s lover has also got a good role to play.

On rhe whole, Kodiveeran is a movie that would easily fit the Muthaiya template, however lacks the effectiveness that we normally get to see in his films.

Rating: 2/5 – Brave, but not rave