Balloon Movie Review

Balloon Movie Review Jai Anjali
Jai is an aspiring young director who approaches a producer with a story. However, he is sent back and is asked to do a horror story.

Following this, Jai decides to do a story based on a haunted house in Ooty and moves to a neighbourhing house along with his wife Anjali and his young nephew Pappu.

After moving there, Pappu alone starts seeing a young girl and as days pass by strange things start happening at Jai’s house and they feel paranormal activities.

Meantime, Pappu gets possessed by the ghost and starts calling Jai as father. Who is the ghost and what is its relationship forms the rest of the story.

The movie has all the template features of a horror-comedy movie. However, director Sinish has made some subtle changes in the screenplay.

He also gives a before hand warning to the audience that some of the scenes were inspired from foreign ghost movies.

Jai who has so far done some fairly easy roles has got a challenging task and has done justice to his role with his casual acting. He plays dual role in the movie and has made minor variations to differentiate the characters.

Anjali has given a solid performance and Janani Iyer who comes in the flashback portion looks impressive.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is the biggest strength of the movie and has added to the scary elements in the flick.

To sum it up, Balloon is template horror movie with a different screenplay.

Rating: 3/5 – Floating with the wind
Balloon Movie Review Jai Janani Iyer