Indrajith Movie Review

In the recent times there are many fantasy based flicks that are made in the K’Town and joining the list is Indrajith which has Gautham Karthik playing the lead role.

Thousands of years ago a particle from the sun, which has healing capacities, falls in the earth. The saints at that time keep the stone safe and the location is kept a secret.

Now coming to the present, archeology professor Sachin Khedekar sets on a hunt to find the stone and Gautham joins him as assisstant. Meanwhile, another senior official from the archeology department Sudanshu Pandey also follows them to find the stone.

Who ends up with the stone forms the rest of the story and it has been said with some stunning visuals and breathtaking imaginations.

Gautham Karthik suits the character well and is mischevious and energetic throughout. He makes his role lively and entertains the audience.

The flick has two female leads played by Sonarika Bhadoria and Ashrita Shetty. Both of them come in the first and second portion of the movie respectively and have very little role to play.

Though treasurer hunt stories are not new to Tamil cinema, most of them lacked the conviction and Indrajith has tried to eliminate that but has only partly succeeded.

Director Kalaprabhu could have concentrated more the script. Though the movie has a good plot, the screenplay seems to a bit tad on the slower side and the movie would have been much better if the screenplay was more crispier.

Cinematographer Rasamathy has beautifully captured the chasing scenes and the the beauty of nature in the forest.

BGM by KP has helped to maintain the movie’s tempo and the songs are soothing as well.

You can enjoy the movie if you can overcome the screenplay lapses.

Rating: 3/5 – Tries to impress