Sathura Adi 3500 Movie Review

Sathura Adi 3500 Movie Review
The movie opens with the death of a man in a building and the police starts investigating about it.

In the meantime, the spirit of the dead man appears in random places. Did the police solve the case and what does the spirit wants forms the rest of the story.

For starters, the movie lacks a few things such as a strong story, screenplay, good music and above all, logic.

Depsite having seasoned actors like Kovai Sarala, M S Bhaskar and Rahman, their characters were not able to create an impact.

Rahman who comes in the first few minutes of the movie vanishes after that. The lead Nikhil Mohan and Ineya have performed in a decent manner.

The solace in the movie is that it gets over in two hours. Music is very loud at times, probably trying to induce fear in the audience.

The dialogues are average. Overall, director Jaison has tried to give something different, but he has only partly succeeded.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Haunted with horror
Actress Iniya in Sathura Adi 3500 Movie Review