Rubaai Movie Review

Chinni Jayanth, Anandhi in Rubaai Movie Review
Chandran is a lorry driver who along with his friend Kishore Ravichandran comes to Chennai from Theni with flower load.

Since he had dues to pay, he was looking for a pick up from Chennai. This is when he sees Chinni Jayanth trying to book a lorry to shift his house.

Chandran agrees to transport things at a lesser rate, However only after reaching the place the hero comes to know that Chinni Jayanth does not have money and he is already in debt.

Kishore advices Chandran not to take up the job, However by then the hero falls for Chinni’s daughter Anandhi and convinces his friend to take up the job.

Meanwhile, police is in pursuit of Harish Uthaman after he loots a bank. To escape it, he throws the money bag in Chandran’s lorry.

Even after roaming for many hours, Chinni Jayanth does not find a house following which Kishore fights with him and throws his things from the lorry, accidentally throwing the money bag as well.

Seeing the money, Chinni Jayanth literally gets a herat attack and is admitted in a hospital. Then all the three get along and start spending the money.

After a few days, when things settle down Harish Uthaman starts searching for his money and kills everyone whom he suspects.

Did he find the money, what happens to the love of Chandran forms the rest of the story.

Chandran has done justice to his role of a lorry driver, however he could have stopped smiling in every scene to express his love.

Anandhi is at her usual charming self and impresses the audience with her casual acting. Chinni Jayanth who has made a comeback after several years has given a rock solid performance.

Even though he comes a few scenes Harish Uthaman has terrorised the audience with his acting.

Director Anbazhagan has tried to depict how important money is in everyone’s life. Though he has conveyed the message strongly, he could have given more concentration on the love portions.

Music by D Imman is soothing, especially the BGM. Rubaai can be watched for the entertainment aspect.

Rating : 5/5 – Money Matters
Rubaai Tamil Movie Review