Rendu Rellu Aaru Movie Review

Casting: Anil Mallela, Mahima, Naresh, Tagubothu Ramesh, Raghava, Aishwarya Gorak & others
Music: Vijay Bulganin
Cinematography: Venkata Amarnath Reddy
Editing: Janaki Ram
Producers: Pradeep Chandra, Mohan Andhe
Writing, Direction: Nandhu Mallela
Banner: Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram

Telugu Film Industry has learned several valuable lessons with ‘Pelli Choopulu’ movie. It has become evident that star heroes are not the sole criteria for making a hit film. If we have the support of a popular producer & a good banner who will be helpful in promotions and release of the film, then a small film also can make it big at the box office. Following the similar strategy, a new film ‘Rendu Rendu Aaru’ is hitting the screens tomorrow. The movie is supported by a tasteful producer like Sai Korrapati. A special preview of this film was arranged recently, and it has received superb response. Let us go through the detailed review to know about the movie why it has received good response.

Story: Raju, Rao are middle class persons. Their wives go to the hospital for the delivery on the same day. Raju wife gives birth to a baby boy.. Rao’s wife gives birth to a baby girl. Doctors say that both the kids will die before they reach the age of 25. Raju, Rao do not know the situation of other kid.. so they exchange their kids. But they wanted to see their own kid growing up in front of their eyes.. so, they live in the opposite houses. The kids grow up together and they will fall in love with each other when they have grown up. When parents came to know about their love, they are in a fix what to do.. because they have exchanged their kids in the childhood. What happens next.. how did they solve the issue, forms the rest of the story.

Even though there are budget limitations, director is successful in making the film with good quality. He did not compromise on technical things…technical values are good. All the technicians gave good output as per the story demand. All the senior artistes have delivered decent performances in their own style. The performance of all the actors is good including Naresh. Similarly, hero.. heroines delivered decent performance without fear, even though they are new. Director is successful in bringing good output from the technicians as well as artistes.

Director’s good taste is clearly evident when we are watching the film. Rather than the directors with B-grade thoughts who make commercial cinema in a format with three fights.. 6 songs, or a adult content film with double meaning dialogues, this director tried to convey something with the film. He has succeded 100% in making a the movie in a sensible way. He didn’t miss on the entertainment part as well.. he designed meaningful comedy scenes.

The story, screen play, climax emotions.. all these things will impress the audience who like sensible & good films. It is a common thing that narration will become slow, when the story is high on emotions. In fact, the greatness of this kind of films lies in that smooth narration. If we keep aside negligible flaws in the film, we’ll understand that the whole unit loved the story and worked on it to make a meaningful movie. The audience in the preview show were impressed with that taste. That’s the reason why the movie received good response. There are bright chances that this ‘Rendu Relllu Aaru’ may repeat ‘Pelli Choopulu’ magic at the box office.

Basic Story
The point director wanted to convey
Technical work
Comedy scenes
Drawbacks: Slightly slow screen-play
Rating: 3.25/5