Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay Review

Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay Movie Review Umapathi Reshma Rathore
Umapathi is an innocent and talented guitarist. Once his father Pandiarajan gifts him a guitar with Umapathi’s photo and all his details in it.

While things are going in smooth manner, Umpathi’s friend one day calls him and tells that he has been blessed with a baby and asked him to do his security job till he returns.

Umapathi agrees for it and goes to the house of a wealthy businessman Naren.

After a few hours into work, Umapathi faints and when he wakes he finds that everyone in the house has fainted. He calls and informs his friend about this who adivces him to flee from the area.

But later Umapathi realises that he had left his guitar there and returns to get it back only to find it missing.

He gets scared that the police might have got hold of it and soon he will be arrested. To escape from this problem he approaches his close friend Karunakaran, whom he thinks to be an able guy, however in reality he is a coward.

Did Karunakaran help his friend, who took the guitar and what happened at the house form the rest of the story.

Umapathi, son of actor Thambi Ramaiah, has shown glimpse of becoming a good actor. He has good skills and has good dance moves as well.

Reshma Rathore, who comes as Naren’s daughter, is okay in the acting category, and looks gorgeous and charming.

Karunakaran has made the character reliable, especially in the scenes where he makes up for his goof ups.

Manobala, Pandiarajan and Thambi Ramaiah have all chipped at the right moment to spice up the proceedings.

Director Inbasekhar has been very particular in the casting and it has helped the story a lot. However the length of the movie could have been trimmed a bit.

Cinematogaphy by P K Varma has given a colourful presentation of the movie.

Music by D Imman is also pleasant and adds strength. On the flip side, certain predictable could have been avoided. To sum it up, Adhagapattadhu Mahajanangaley is a movie which can be enjoyed with family.
Rating: 2.5/5 – For the family class