Yaanum Theeyavan Movie Review

Yaanum Theeyavan Movie Ashwin Jerome Varsha Bollamma Raju Sundaram
Raju Sundaram is a goon who functions with the support of local minister Santhana Bharathi. Though police does not interfere with his activities, they have an watchful eye on him. Ponvannan, who is a senior police official, keeps track of Raju Sundaram.

On the other side, Ashwin Jerome and Varsha Bollamma are college students who are in love with each other. One day while returning after an outing, the couple is teased by Raju Sundaram and his gang.

While Varsha controls Jerome’s anger in the spot, he returns after leaving her at home and beats up the gang.

Insulted by getting beaten up by a college boy, Raju Sundaram wants to kill Jerome. He also goes against the minister, which leads to Santhana Bharathi ordering the police to arrest him.

In the meantime, Jerome and Varsha get married as their parents opposed their love. They settle in the same house as Raju Sundaram.

To have his revenge Raju Sundaram holds the duo as captive and also tries to escape from the police. Did Raju succeed in escaping, did he have his revenge, what happens to the couple forms the rest of the story.

Raju has acted in quite a few movies earlier, however almost all of them were comedy roles. But this one is a serious one with more prominence in the story and he has done exceptionally well to carry the character.

Jerome who is newcomer has understood his character and has excelled in both action and romance sequences.

Director Prashanth G Sekar has tried to portray that there is a bad guy in every good guy and he comes out when the situation arises. However, the screenplay could have been much better. There are few generic scenes which at times bores the audience and stop the flow of the flick.

Music by Achu Rajamani is one of the strengths of the movie and has come out really well. To sum up, Yaanum Theeyavan is a good attempt which could have been better.