Uru Movie Review

Kalaiyarasan, a successful fiction writer, goes through a bad patch when his publisher rejects his new ideas making him distressed.

His wife Sai Dhanshika is worried about him and asks him to leave his job and try something else.

In the meantime, Kalai comes up with an idea of psycho killer and proposes it to his publisher who tells him to develop it.

Excited by this Kalai leaves to Meghamalai to complete his script and promises to Dhanshika that he would quit if things do not turn up well within two months.

However, he starts encountering strange horrific things after which he finds it difficult to differentiate between reality and imaginations.

Things go all the more suspicious when Dhanshika arrives there. What happens after that forms the rest of the story in twists and turns that keep the audience engaged thoroughly in the second half.

Kalai has given a solid performance by showing the frustration of a failed writer. But it is Dhanshika who is the show stealer and proves that why she is one of the best in carrying out emotional scenes. All the supporting actors have delivered goods.

Directed by Vijay Anand the movie has broken the barriers of clichéd horror and thriller flicks.

The young director has also made sure that he does not waste screen time in introducing the characters and does that in the flow of the film.

There are many edge of the seat moments which keep the audience glued to the screen. Johan has given a fantastic background music which keeps the pulse of the audience high.

Uru, with a few flaws, is a good thriller movie without the usual plot.

Rating : 2.5/5 – In full form