Tubelight Movie Review

Blinks bright

Indra along with his friends uses Facebook fake ids to cheat youngsters and get money from them.

During one occasion, he meets with an accident, where the nerve connecting his ears and brain gets damaged and he suffers from Auditory Processing Disorder in which he hears things only after a few seconds.

While he tries to fix his problem, he lands up with Pandiarajan, an unlucky doctor who tortures him in the name of treatment.

Indra falls for Adhithi in the hospital, she is an artist who paints things that are in the heart of the people who are mentally challenged.

In the meantime, one of the youngsters who was cheated by Indra tries to take revenge.

Did Indra get his medical problems solved, did he express his love Adhithi, was the revenge taken successfully form the rest of the story.

Indra who is also the director of the movie has done a decent job with a novel script at hand. However the burden of directing and acting has apparently had its impact in the performance as there are minor flaws in the movie which can be ignored. He had given a subtle performance needed for his character.

Adhithi, another Kerala entry, has come as a beautiful doll throughout the movie and her acting skills have also been appreciated by the audience.

Pandiarajan was his usual witty self as the unlucky doctor and his humour portions are enjoyable.

The movie however lags engagement in the second half with too many sub plots.

Tubelight can be watched for the fresh attempt.