Thangaratham Movie Review

Vetri and Soundararajan supply groceries to the Ottanchathiram market in their trucks and they compete with each other to bring the goods first.

While Vetri drives his paternal uncle Aadukalam Naren’s van, Soundarrajan has his own vehicle.

Vetri falls for Adithi Krishna, whom he later finds out to be Soundararajan’s sister and hence tries to distance himself from her.

However, ultimately they both end up as lovers. In the meantime, Mottai Rajendran who holds an old grudge against Soundararajan breaks his van windshield and the latter assumes it to be the work of Vetri and tries to kill him.

To save Vetri, Naren sends him out of the town and decides to get his son married to Adithi. What happens to Vetri’s love, did Soundarrajan have his revenge forms the rest of the story.

Vetri, who had performed minor roles in many movies, has done a decent job as the lead. However, there is still scope to improve. On the other hand, Soundararajan has given a splendid performance as an angry young man.

Aditi Krishna looks beautiful throughout the movie and has done her role perfectly. Director Balamurugan has set the film in a village background with love, revenge and sentiment. He could have avoided so many flashback scenes which hinder the flow of the movie.

Jacob Rathinarajan has captured the village life beautifully in his camera and songs by Tony Britto are okay category. Thangaratham is a movie which moves at a slow pace

Rating 2.75/5 – Slow and steady