Sathriyan Movie Review

Vikram Prabhu, Manjima Mohan in Sathriyan Movie Stills
Vikram Prabhu, a trusted man of Vijay Murugan, a gangster in Tiruchi is appointed to safeguard Niranjana, daughter of late don Sarath Lohitaswa.

The don was hacked to death by Aruldoss, another goon, by the order of Minister Poster Nandhakumar.

The hero who was supposed to protect Niranjana from roadside romeos utlimately becomes her lover.

Even after Ravi warned them several times, they did not pay heed. Meanwhile Aruldoss’s gang members attack Vikram Prabhu who is saved by a medical student Kavin.

After recovering from the wound, Vikram Prabhu sets out to take his revenge on his attackers and those who are targeting Niranjana.

The plot is nothing different from a regular gangster movie. However, it has given a platform for the actor in Vikram Prabhu to prove himself.
Actress Manjima Mohan in Sathriyan Movie Stills
He has done extremely well in the action sequences, but still continues to struggle with romance.

Manjima looks homely and bubbly in the flick and has carried a well written role with more prominence to the heroine.

Yuvan’s BGM and cinematography by Sivakumar Vijayan are the biggest backbones of the movie and elevate the mood in action sequences.

Director S R Prabhakaran who had carried the second half extremely well seemed to have struggle toggling between the love and action scenes in the first half.

Sathriyan is a regular gangster movie which has managed to keep the audience engaged

Rating: 3.5/5 – Passes narrowly