Rangoon Movie Review

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Gautham Karthik along with his two friends travels from Rangoon in Burma to Chennai seeking job.

Here they start working at a pawn shop owned by Siddique who gets impressed by the dedicated work of the hero.

In one instance Gautham saves his owner’s daughter from a problem followed by which he also saves Siddique’s life.

Meanwhile, the hero falls in love with Sana Makbul. Though she rejects his proposal at first, seeing his good deeds she falls for him.

When things seem to go normally, Siddique to solve his financial problems asks Gautham if they can do gold smuggling.
Gautham Karthik, Siddique, Daniel Annie Pope in Rangoon Movie Stills
The hero readily agrees and starts smuggling small amount of gold along with his friends. Problem starts when the gang is monitored by Police, so they decide to do one big heist and get settled.

They successfully change the gold to cash in Rangoon, on their way back they loose the amount.

What happens after that and who stole the money forms the rest of the story.

Gautham has perfectly suited the role of a rugged young lad and has acted naturally complimented by his friends.

Siddique had delivered a seasoned acting, while Sana looks gorgeous especially in the romance scenes.

Director Rajkumar Periaswamy has brought out how gold smuggling has spoiled the life of many youths. His choice of locations are the biggest strength and gels well with the movie.

Rangoon is a movie which can be watched without hindrance.

Rating: 3.5/5 – A good journey
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