Maragatha Naanayam Movie Review

Maragatha Naanayam Movie Review
The movie begins with Irumburai, king of a small kingdom who does penance and gets an emerald stone (Maragadha Naanayam) with which he wins all his foes.

He eventually dies at the age of 90 along with the stone. In 1990 an archaeological expert finds the stone, however whoever touches the stone dies in freak accidents.

Now the story moves to the present era where Aadhi is suffering a debt of Rs 40 lakh rupees and moves to the city along with his friend Daniel to finish his dues.

He joins smuggler Ramadoss and tries to fulfill his dreams, however he realises that he is doing only small heists and wanted to do something big and get settled.

That is when a guy from China comes in search of the stone and approaches many people, but since everyone knew the history of it, they refuse.

This is when Aadhi agrees to complete the task. Did he succeed in it? What effect did the stone have on him forms the rest of the story.

Aadhi has chosen a script that suits him well and has delivered some exceptional humourous one liners.

Nikki Galrani has chosen a bold role which many other leading heroines would hesitate and had done extremely well.

Anand Raj who comes as a hi-tech villain evokes laughter every time he appears on the scene. Everyone including Arunraja Kamaraj, Daniel, Mime Gopi has got excellent scope to show their talent.
Maragatha Naanayam Tamil Movie Review
Only director ARK Saravan can explain how he came up with such a good script. He has worked wonder with fantasy but has also kept the audience interested. He has given importance to all characters so that none of their talent is wasted.

Screenplay and dark comedy are the biggest strengths of the movie. Maragadha Nanayam is a fantasy film which has given real time entertainment

Rating: 4/5 – Valuable coin