Kamal to lead K-town in fight against GST

Tamil Actor Kamal Haasan Press Meet Regarding GST Tax Issue Photos
Kamal Haasan, it seems, is gearing up to lead the Tamil film industry to protest against GST rates.

On Friday evening, he said that he might have to quit acting if the Central government does not withdraw the proposed 28 per cent tax for films.

The actor-filmmaker strongly opposed the Centre’s move and said that the new compulsory tax will affect the fortunes of the regional films.

‘The Tamilnadu government gives a tax exemption of 30 percent to films if they meet a certain criteria. It is unfair to treat the regional films on par with Bollywood and other language films,’ he said.

He also added it would be fair if the tax is fixed at 12 to 18 per cent.
It may be noted that the GST will come in to effect from 1 July.
Actor Kamal Haasan Press Meet Regarding GST Tax Photos