Ivan Thanthiran Movie Review

Engineering college dropouts Gautham Karthik and RJ Balaji start their own electronic shop in the city and begin selling mobile phones, laptops and other things.

Gautham also develops his own mobile phone and approaches many companies to market it.

Shraddha Srinath buys a laptop from Gautham which becomes faulty leading to a fight between the two.

In the meanwhile, Gautham gets the job of fixing CCTV cameras in Minister Super Subbarayan’s house. When he asks for money he is chucked out by the Minister’s brother-in-law Stunt Silva.

Gautham decides to somehow gets his money back.

In the meantime, Subbarayan tries to extort money from few colleges by banning them. This makes the colleges to ask for money from the students. A students commits suicide right in front of Gautham’s eye because of this.

Gautham finds that all this is happening because of Subbarayan and releases a video evidence for this online. Following this the Minister is stripped off his post.

Silva finds out that it was done by Gautham and tries to kill him, but to save himself the Minister kills Silva.

Did the minister find who Gautham is, what the hero does to save his head and what happens between the lead pair form the rest of the story.

Gautham Karthik finally seemls to have gotten on track by choosing good scripts like Rangoon and Ivan Thanthiran.

He suits well for the character and has delivered good acting as a practical engineer.

Shraddha looks gorgeous and her acting skills are also good. The drawback is that though she is portrayed as middle class girl, her costume looks rich.

RJ Balaji comes throughout the movie and has mouthed many counters, and a few of them evoke laughter among the audience.

Subbarayan and Silva as the antagonists are terrifying in their body language and dialogue delivery.

The ground work of director R Kannan is evident while a few technical aspects are explained in a simple manner. He has shown that it is not necessary that students should study engineering to become a engineer.

Though he has taken a good story, the screenplay could have been a little crispier.

Background score by Thaman S S and songs are pleasant and enjoyable. Ivan Thanthiran is a movie with a message.
Rating: 3/5 – Good to watch