Bongu Movie Review

Racy and pacy
Bongu Movie Review Natraj Ruhi Singh
Natty, Arjun and Ruhi Singh all work in a luxury car showroom. One day, a MLA books a car there as a surprise gift for his daughter.

While Natty and Arjun are on their way to deliver the car to the MLA’s daughter, it gets stolen by unknown persons.

Police registers a case on the duo, meanwhile Ruhi is also sacked and all the three of them are blackmarked by the company.

After coming out of jail, the trio plans to steal car and in their first attempt they get a profit of Rs 10 crore.

Natty is approached to steal ten cars of Madurai don Sarath Logithasva. While making plans to steal the car, Natty finds that the car stolen from him was also there and decides to take it as well.
Bongu Review
Did he succeed in it, why was the car stolen from him forms the rest of the story.

After Sathuranga Vettai, Natty has chosen a character that suits him well and has blended with it. He was at his best during the dialogue deliveries and the scenes where he plans to steal the cars.

Though Ruhi had lesser screen space, she has expressed good acting skills in the minimal scope she had.

Munishkanth also joins the trio in the journey and has acted in his own style.
Natraj Ruhi Singh Bongu Movie Review
Director Taj has handled a different story beautifully with an engaging screenplay and good sub plots.

Cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswami and music by Srikanth Deva have added more strength to the movie.