Lens Tamil Movie Review

A must watch adult movie

Lens is about how a digital interaction session turns out in to a hostage situation.

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan is a man obsessed with online sex that he even ignores his wife for the pleasure of the online voyeurism.

During one of his chat sessions he accepts the chat request of a girl, only later to find that it is actually a man.
Lens Tamil Movie Review
The problem does not stop there as the man, played by Anand Swamy. tells Jayaprakash that he is going to commit suicide and wanted him to watch it which puts him in an awkward situation.

Who is Anand Swamy, why is he going to commit suicide and how did Jayaprakash get involved in this is told in a very raw and engaging manner.

Jayaprakash who is the director of the flick has taken up a bold script in his debut movie and has done well in conveying a strong message.

Anand has very intense role and at times makes the audience feel how the K-Town did not make use of such an actor.
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The movie though starts slowly, takes a gripping angle when things stars unfolding. Though the storyline gets a little predictable, the narration keeps the audience engaged.

Though the movie is concentrated mostly on Jayapraksh and Anand, Ashwathy who appears only for 15 to 20 minutes surely leaves an impact among the audience.

Another major highlight of the movie is music by Sidharth Vipin, his work keeps you engaged right from the title card and SR Kathir’s cinematography is quite impressive with different shades in natural lighting.

Lens is a must watch adult movie which brings out the dark side of the online sex.
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