Nagarvalam Movie Review

Nagarvalam is about the love between a lorry driver (Balaji) and a girl (Deekshitha) to whose area he supplies water.

When Balaji finds that Deekshitha has a very strong background, he tries to back off from his love, however Deekshitha holds her ground.

Did the duo end up having a happy life, what happens to their love story forms the rest of the story.

This is a usual template love story, however debutant director Markx has tried to use to strong characterisation which has worked out in places to keep the audience engaged.

Balaji as a Metro water lorry driver could have done better with his body language. But he is still good. The way in which hero and heroine fall in love looks too dramatic. Deekshitha is an Ilayaraja fan and falls in love with the hero as he plays Ilayaraja songs in his lorry when he comes to supply water.

Deekshitha who plays the role of a student has expressed natural acting.

On the humour side, Yogi Babu and Bala Saravanan are sharing screen space and the combo has come out well.

Since in many places Ilayaraja songs are used, the music of Pawan Karthikeyan is suppressed.

The screenplay and the usual story line are the major drawback of the film and since it had a late release the technicalities in the film also seemed a little outdated.

But still, the director and his team should be lauded for presenting a movie which has tried to convey the love between a lorry driver and a college girl in a realistic manner.

Rating: 2.5/5 – Caught in traffic