Attu Movie Review

Joining the long list of movies made based on the life of the people living in North Chennai is Attu.

Just as the name suggests this is a local and raw flick which talks about the journey of four youngsters who dwell in a dumpyard in the North Chennai.

Rishi Rithvik along with his friends live in the dumpyard doing small jobs for a local councillor.

Archana Ravi who falls for him asks Rishi to love her and he accepts it after considering her proposal for a long time.

Things go topsy turvy when Rishi kills the councillor for betraying him and seeks refuge from another politician. While police is in search of the group, one of Rishi’s friends elopes with the politicians daughter.

Did Rishi escape from the police and what did the politician do forms the rest of the story.

Though the storyline seems predictable, the way the director has conveyed it is keeps the audience engaged. Director Rathan Linga has tired to deliver varied emotions in the flick with the life of North Chennai as the major theme.

The team has done its home work and has brought North Chennai life right before our eyes. Rishi suits well for the character and fits in the slot well, while Yogi Babu who comes as his friend fills the humour section of the flick with his one-liners.

Archana has lived as the middle class North Chennai girl and has done extremely well in her character.

The BGM by Bobo Sasi captures the mood while cinematographer Ramalingam has brought the reality of North Chennai in every frame.

A few drags in screenplay is one of the major letdowns of the flick. However, it is quite watchable one. In short, Attu is a movie with a template story and an engaging screenplay.

Rating: 3/5 – Local Journey