8 Thottakal Movie Review

The movie opens with a murder and a young boy who is framed and sent to the juvenille jail.

After years this boy Sathya grows up to become a policeman who does good among the bad company. He has open heart and minds his own business.

Things go topsy turvy when his official gun with ‘eight bullets’ goes missing in the big city.

Did the hero find the gun, whose has the gun and how they intend to use it forms the rest of the story.

Full credits should be given to the debutant director Sri Ganesh who had used a straight story line and has made it interesting with intertwining small sub stories.

Where the director has succeeded is with his characterisation, he does not take a stand with any character and let the people decide whether they are good or bad.

The thriller flick however loses its pace at times which can be overlooked. Apart from the major storyline the movie also talks about the life of three men with three different social backgrounds and how they get connected to the gun.

It is MS Bhaskar who stands alone in the movie and this could be easily one of his best performance of all time and he has nailed his role.

The lead actor Sathya has a tailor made character and has done what is expected for his character.

Where the movie lags is in the unwanted love sequences which do no gel with the filk and a few lapses here and there.

Verdict: Another movie by a young director which is easily out of the box thinking and clearly worth watching.

Rating: 3.5/5 – On target