Why Did Ilayaraja send legal notice to SPB?

Ilayaraja sending a legal notice to SP Balasubrahmanyam came as shock not only to the singer but also to the fans.

Though SPB obliged to the notice and said that he will not sing Ilayaraja’s song hereafter, the fans took sides and started debating on the issue.

In order to put an end to this, Pradeep, the Copyrights Consultant of Ilayaraja has now offered a clarification on why the legal notice was sent.

Pradeep has said that this should not be considered as a notice against SPB. One must note that Ilayaraja has been campaigning for safeguarding his Copyrights over the past two three years and the notice is a part of this.

He further clarified that this is not a notice against SPB singing a song composed by Ilayaraja but it is a notice urging the singer to get the proper approval from the composer before using their songs in concerts.

Pradeep also sought to drew attention towards the fact that Ilayaraja does not follow the same practice of seeking his Royalty Rights from those who use his songs in the concerts held in villages. Those singers do it for their livelihood. Raja is claiming his rights only from those who use his songs to earn huge income.