Nisaptham Movie Review

The film revolves around Aadhi and Aadhira, a happily married middle-class couple living in Bangalore.

Their life is devastated when their eight year old daughter Sathanya is sexually abused by a drunkard and how the family handles this forms the rest of the story.

Even as the family is struggling to get back on its feet, it has to handle the media and also has to ensure that the perpetrator is punished.

This is a well intentioned all the more bold flick which should be appreciated for a subject like this. The content points out the finger at how ineffective the law is in the country.

The show stealer in the flick is young Sathanya , while Abhinya has emoted well.

The film however may look melodramatic with the feel of a TV serial at times. The dialogues could have been done better. Cinematographer SJ Star’s frames and Shawn Jazeel’s music provides some relief in the movie.

Director Michael Arun has certainly made a good film. But he could have done a better job with the dialogues and screenplay.

Rating: 3/5 – Loud message