Kavan Movie Review

The story of Kavan revolves around how a bio-chemical factory owned by a politician is polluting the environment with the support of a TV channel head.

Director K V Anand who tries to convey social messages through his flicks has done the same with Kavan too and this time the message gets to the audience clearly.

Vijay Sethupathi has once again has treated the audience with his performance, be it the scenes related to his college days or as a serious journalist. He has done the role with his own style and impresses.

T Rajendhar who comes as the owner of a rundown channel has made a comeback in a full fledged movie and has shown why he is so popular with his body language and dialogue deliveries.

K V Anand in the first half has tried to bring out the other side of the media and how people and the TV stars are manipulated according to the need of the channel owners. He has done his research in the topic. Suba’s dialogues are a big advantage.

Bose Venkat as politician has a meaty role who has utilised it well and Akash Deep Saigal as a channel owner has shown class villainism.

Madonna Sebastain who is the collegemate, love interest and programme head of Vijay Sethupathi is beautiful through out the movie with a few scenes to show her acting skills. Vikranth has a pivotal role to play.

Though the first half is entertaining the second half looks a bit slow. However, things gain pace towards the climax.

Powerful dialogues and high note BGM add strength to a well researched script while Antony’s editing is crisp.

A movie worth watching for Vijay Sethuapthi’s acting and a strong script.

Rating : 3.2/5 – In the spotlight