Dora Movie Review

Nayanthara starrer Dora which is the second female centric horror movie for the actress has hit the screens.

Nayanthara, daughter of Thambi Ramaiah, plans to start a call taxi service with antique cars. In the process she buys a car which is possessed.

In the meanwhile, Harish Uthaman, a cop is investigating about a murder and series of burglaries in the locality. How their lives are related, what is the story of the ghost possessing the car forms the rest of the story.

The director has tried to break free from the stereotyped horror flicks. However he could not avoid the element of a flashback which becomes essential in a ghost movie.

Nayanthara has carried the entire story on her shoulder and has showed variety as the girl next door, a caring daughter and as a possessed women. Dubbing in her own voice has also enhanced her performance which is clear.

Thambi Ramaiah is as usual brilliant with his body language and adds to the fun side of the flick.

Harish Uthaman has done his part well as the intense cop and has supported the story well. However the hero of the flick is the car which comes throughout the movie.

BGM by Vivek-Mervin has kept the thriller element alive while Dinesh Krishnan’s camera works keeps the audience glued to the screen.

Director Doss Ramasamy has tried to give a different type of horror movie with less spooky and more thriller element.Though there are minor hiccups that stop the flow of the flick, Dora is an interesting film to watch.

Verdict: An overall good attempt.

Rating: 3.2/5 – Slow and Spooky