Bruce Lee Movie Review

GV Prakash Kumar, in Bruce Lee, is a cowardly young man who always gets beaten up along with his friend Bala Saravanan.

Kriti Kharbanda and her friend are the lovers of the duo. A bomb finds its way into their car and the heroine photographs murders committed by Munishkanth who kidnaps the girls.

In an another sequence Anandraj who is chased by the police is behind the criminals.

It is now left to GVP to rescue the heroine and her friend. Was he successful in doing that and why was Anandraj chasing the criminals forms the rest of the story.

Debutant Prashanth Pandiaraj has not utilised the chance to direct someone like GVP properly. It is Bala Saravanan’s oneliners that save the audience from the otherwise uninspiring movie.

Even the female lead Kriti has little scope to showcase her talent in the flick which has given more prominence to the henchmen of the villain.

Munishkanth has tried hard to disguise as Marlon Brando in Godfather and has miserably failed.

Mottai Rajendran who makes a cameo appearance during the climax is another saving point in the film.

Apart from excelling as an actor, GVP has also given good background score while the songs fall under the ‘OK’ category.

PV Shankar’s cinematography is good while editors Pradeep E Raghav and G Manoj Gyan have done a decent job.

Verdict: Apart from the comedies there is nothing to interest in the flick.

Rating: 2.25/5 – Fragile fighter