Kanavu Variyam Review

Kanavu Variyam, directed and acted by Arun Chidambaram, is set in the rural background of Tamil Nadu and it is about the problems the area faces especially the power shortage and the lives of two men.

Arun Chidambaram, a school dropout and Japee who quits his job to organic farming, try to create awareness in the rural area in their own ways.

After talking about the power crisis the movie moves on to the childhood time of Arun where he is shown asking many questions to his father and his teacher. This shows how a rural school functions and establishes the father-son bonding.

Ilavarasu as Arun’s father is an apt choice. His acting skills are commendable as the motivator when Arun is mocked by villagers for his innovation.

There are many meaningful dialogues that touch the heart of villagers migrating to the city.

Though the flick talks about many issues they don’t seem to be preachy and thus not boring the audience.

There are many minor glitches. However, the hard work put in by the director to bring out the rural flavour and various experiments in the flick have come out well.

The film which has garnered many awards and recognitions already is refreshing and can inspire people who want to be become innovators.

To sum up, it is a feel good entertainer which has a fresh concept and treatment and is recommended for people of all age groups.

Rating: 2.8/5 – Realising a Dream