Ennodu Vilayadu Movie Review

Ennodu Vilayadu is a story based on the background of horse racing and the gambling involved in the sport.

Bharath is a compulsive gambler who bets everything in horse racing including his office money and hence is in debt. He learns about a race that is going to be fixed and tries to capitalise on it.

In the meantime, he falls in love with Chandini. Meanwhile ‘Kirumi’ Kathir comes to the city for work who happens to be Bharath’s friend.

Kathir ends up staying with Sanchita Shetty who is struggling to reclaim her house from a bank loan. When everything seems to happen smoothly things turn topsy turvy as the bag of cash which is to be given to Yog Japee, a horse owner for losing from Radha Ravi goes missing and ends up in Kathir’s car.
While Bharath and Radha Ravi are in search of the money, Kathir finds the bag and gives it to Sanchita Shetty. What happens after that, who gets the money forms the climax of the story.

Bharath who has made a comeback after a long time should have to wait for another movie to give a hit flick, one has to say. Kathir has little scope to prove his talent and the lead female actors have cliched roles.

Even the versatile Radha Ravi made little impact in his role.
Though the story line is intersting, director Arun Krihsnaswamy has missed the trick with a sloppy screenplay which has dragged the movie. Songs and BGM by Moses and Sudarshan M Kumar are not bad.

Though horse racing is the core of the flick it has been sidelined for major portions.

There are a few scenes where the film gains momentum, however these are not enough to keep the audience engaged. In short, Ennodu Vilayadu is a movie with a good story line a dragging screenplay.

Game of gamble