Bairavaa Movie Review

Bairavaa Movie Review Vijay Keerthi Suresh Bhairava Tamil Movie Review YG Mahendraa is a bank manager where Vijay works as collection agent along with Sathish.

Mime Gopi gets Rs 64 lakh loan with the recommendation of Y G Mahendra but fails to repay it leading to trouble in the wedding of the latter’s daughter. He seeks the help of Vijay to recover the money.

The marriage happens where Vijay meets Tirunelveli medical student Keerthi Suresh and instantly falls in love with her. When he is about to propose to her, she is chased by a gang.

When Vijay asks her about the incident, Keerthy Suresh reveals that the case she filed against her college chairman Jagapathi babu in connection with her friend’s death is the reason behind all this.

How did Vijay manage to save Keerthy Suresh and what happens to the college chairman forms the rest of the story.

Right from the introduction scene Vijay looks young and stylish and has as usual excelled with his dialogue delivery and action sequences.

The cricket fight scene choreographed by Anl Arasu looks fresh and is interesting. The actor has carried the entire story on his shoulders and there are many goosebumps moment for his fans.

Keerthi Suresh who has paired up with Vijay for the first time looks pretty through out the movie and has emoted well. Even her dance was on par with Vijay in the ‘Papa Papa’ song sung by Vijay.

Jagapathi babu and Daniel Balaji have understood the importance of their characters and have carried their heavy roles with ease and are threatening as villains.

On the comedy aspect Sathish, Thambiah Ramaiah, Sreeman and Naan Kadavul Rajendran have tried to evoke some laughter but could have been better. Music by Santhosh Narayanan is good. So are other technical departments.

Director Bharathan has done what he could do best with Vijay and has delivered a social message regarding the condition of some private medical colleges.

Varlaam Varlaam Vaa Bairavaa