Athey Kangal Movie Review

In the recent times, it is the low budget movies that have captured the audience’s attention and Adhey Kangal produced by CV Kumar fits right in this category.

The movie revolves around Varun (Kalaiyarasasn) who plays a blind chef. He falls in love with Deepa (Sshivada) while his friend Sadhana (Janani Iyer) has a soft spot for him.

Though in the first half of the movie it may look like it’s a triangular love story the twist happens with a accident where Varun gets his eye sight back.

After this when Varun tries to find Deepa he is not able to do it. Following this he starts his hunt to find her.

The investigation looks direction-less in the beginning but as the movie progresses the loopholes come together and a clear picture comes in to frame.

Though the audience can predict the climax the maker Rohin Venkatesan has kept the audience engaged till the end which is his success and has increased the bar of expectations for his next movie.

The director has ensured that none of the character is used less and has assigned a role to everyone including the sidekick which is played by Balasaravanan.

Kalaiyarasan has shown his acting side in this flick however he is outplayed by Sshivada who has chosen the script well after Zero. She carries the weightage of the character with ease.

Janani Iyer has shown maturity in her acting and has complimented the script well.

Ghibran’s background score elevates the mood of the movie especially in the second half which helps in keeping the audience’s attention on the screen.

However the movie which has a strong story tends to lag in the screenplay with a few dragging scenes.

To sum it up, Athey Kangal is a decent flick which is bound the keep the audience engaged.
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