Maaveeran Kittu Review

Maaveeran Kittu Movie ReviewMaaveeran Kittu, the third venture of the hit combo of director Suseenthiran and Vishnu Vishal after their successful outings with Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Jeeva, has released and has the duo achieved a hat-trick with it?

The plot of the story is based in the 80s. Chinnarasu (Parthiepan) works hard for the betterment of a particular community which is suppressed for long by a so called upper class.

Chinnarasu pins his hopes on Kittu (Vishnu Vishal) who aspires to become the collector after he emerges as a topper in state board exams.

The movie takes a twist when Kittu is put behind the bars because of an untoward incident, after which the duo sketch a plan to eradicate the difference between the two communities. Do they succeed with their palns after the hardships that they face forms the rest of the story.

Suseenthiran’s sincerity of making the film is clearly visible in every frame without cheating the audience.

Parthiepan is at his best in the dialogue delivery and a special mentions has to be given to the dialogues.

Vishnu has once again give a subtle performance by playing only what the story needs and Sri Divya as his love interest is very convincing as a homely girl.

The movie is very slow placed and the placement of the songs are really dragging, especially the two songs in the second half.

Comedy takes back seat in the movie resulting in the less usage of Soori.

Imman’s BGM looks fresh and gives the feel of a 1980s flick while Soorya has made the camera angles engaging to keep the audience visually interested.

Though the movie may seem to be a little outdated, the director has brought out an important message honestly which is appreciated. Overall a movie with a social message.

Rating: 3.7/5 – Brave attempt