Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Movie Review

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru Movie ReviewWhen the film unveils with the first crime scene it gives you the feeling of a mediocre movie. However your perception might change right from the title card and the suspense will be carried on till the end card.

It comes as a surprise that a 21 year old debutant director Karthick Naren had managed to take such a gripping movie with very little flaws.

What stands out in the movie is the way it is narrated and the editing. Both the director and editor Sreejith Sarang were on the same page which is evident on the screen.

We cannot decide on who is the protagonist and the antagonist as the view may differ from the perspective. This suits with the last dialogue that Rahman says in the movie.

‘Since I am narrating this story, I am seen as the hero of the story. Probably if it were from someone else’s angle, I would have been the villain,’ this sums up how the story has been penned.

It becomes difficult to make the review without spoilers as every scene has its own twists and turns.

However there are a few slags here and there and Rahman could have dubbed better. It is the director who is the actual hero of the flick and he is one young director to be on the look out for.

Over all, it is an engaging thriller with an impressive screenplay.

Engaging experience