Chennai 600028 2nd Innings Review

Chennai 600028 – II, the sequel of the debut movie of director Venkat Prabhu, has hit the screens. The sequel has managed to get the attention of the audience though its first part was released before nine years.

Has Venkat Prabhu produced a T20 or a test match?

The movie is about the reunion of the Shark’s team for Raghu’s (Jai) marriage and the problems they face during the course of the wedding.

The director this time has focused on the type of cricket played in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu.

Most teammates of Sharks are married and travel to Theni to attend Raghu’s marriage. There they incidentally meet Aravind Akash who had eloped from the city with a girl.

The old members of the Shark decide to help Aravind’s team to defeat the team of Maruthupandi (Viabhav) whose team is the undisputed champion in the village.

Ganeshan (Abhinay Vaddi), a friend of Marudhupandi who wants to marry Anu (Sana Althaf) makes use of the match.

Do the Sharks win the match, Did Raghu get to marry Anu forms the rest of the story.

The director has managed to portray the after life marriage of youngsters and the difficulties they face, sacrifices they make to keep their wives happy.

He has managed to retain the crux of the movie with interesting cuts of the cricket match keeping the audience engaged with enough thrilling moments.

The actors have all done justice to their characters and aptly fit in the roles.

Those who watched the first part with their friends can easily relate to the second part and go through the emotions in the movie.

The movie is a fun filled one with more family emotions twined than the first half and is definitely to attract the younger audience again.

Rating : 3.7/5 – Not six, but boundary