Achamindri Movie Review

Achamindri Movie ReviewAchamindri is a story based on the education racket in the country.

The film begins with the death of Thalaivasal Vijay, who is a honest education department officer.

The movie then moves on to the life of Vijay Vasanth, a pick pocket, his love interest, Srushti Dange and Samuthirakani, a cop.

Samuthirakani is about to get married to his childhood love Vidya Pradeep. All their lives take a turn on the same day and the director has managed to inter-twine the central theme of the film to the events happening in their lives.

While Vijay Vasanth is chased by goons, Malar is threatened by the education minister’s PA while Samuthirakani us attacked by his friend Bharat Reddy when he digs into the death of Vidya Pradeep. All the characters have done what the director has asked of them.

The director takes his own time is revealing the characters and entering into the main theme of the flick. This makes the audience to lose interest right in the beginning. however the movie gains momentum towards the interval.

Radha Ravi who comes as the eduction minister and Saranya Ponvannan as the head of an educational institution have portrayed the reality which is happening today with ease.

The climax of the movie is completely dependent on the dialogues. Though some of them may seem to be clich├ęd they convey the message strongly.

Movies of these genres have a common story, however the director has tried to deliver it with a punch with current happenings but has lagged in the screenplay.

Brave effort