Namitha’s selfie with woman auto driver

Namitha's selfie with woman auto driverNamitha was overwhelmed when she came across Dhanalakshmi, a woman auto driver at Nelson Manickam Road in Chennai. The actress immediately took a selfie with her and issued the following statement.

“Meet Dhanalakshmi! A female Auto driver. Still a very rare species in Chennai! So I had to stop her in middle of the road and ask her to take a snap with me!,” the popular actress said.

She added: “She was shocked but I said it’s A Privilege for me to take snap with her as she stands for everything I belive in. I don’t know her from Adam’s age, but I respect women like her who believe in NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE!! Today she’s working hard for the betterment of her family. #salute to Dhanalakshmi.”