Kaashmora Movie Review

Kaashmora Movie ReviewKashmora is the highest budgeted film for Karthi in his career so far and is one of the biggest releases this Deepavali.

The movie directed by Gokul comes under the fantasy genre. Apart from Karthi, the film has Nayanthara, Sri Divya and Vivekh playing prominent roles.

Kaashmora (Karthi) is a fake exorcist who makes money by cheating people.

Karthi’s family gets caught in an old palace where they are haunted by the ghost of a war chief Rajnayak (also played by Karthi).
Rajnayak wants to sacrifice the family to take his revenge on Rathnamadevi (Nayanthara) who killed him centuries ago. How the family escapes, does Rajnayak succeed in sacrificing the family forms.the rest of the story.

Karthi has shown variety in both the roles, while he induces laughter as Kaashmora, he instills fear as Rajnayak.

Sri Divya has lesser scope.for acting, while Nayanthara steals the heart of the audience in the limited portion that she comes. The elegant actress has stunt sequences too in the movie.

Unlike his previous movies, Gokul has taken an entirely different concept..With briliant screenplay he has made a good movie of a simple revenge story.

Santhosh Narayanan’s musical has kept the audience engaged through out.

Overall ‘Kaashmora’ is a complete entertainer.
Entertaining Elements