‘Chennai 600028 II’ trailer released

'Chennai 600028 II' trailer releasedThe trailer of ‘Chennai 600028 II Innings’ directed by Venkat Prabhu has been released and has been received well by the audience.

The first part of the film which is the director’s debut went on to became a super hit.

This film is the sequel to the sports-comedy film ‘Chennai 600028’ that released almost a decade ago in 2007.

Venakt Prabhu has managed to retain the cast of the first part in the ‘Chennai 600028 II Innings’ as well, the cast includes Jai, Shiva, Premji, Aravind Akash and Nithin Sathya.

While the first part was about the cricketing life of youngsters, its sequel talks about what happens to the players after marriage.

Yuvan Shankar Raja who was the music director was for the first part has scored the music for its sequel too.