Atharva as Nayanthara’s brother?

Atharva as Nayanthara's brother in Imaika Nodigal
Actress Nayanthara is the most sought after actress in the industry with almost every director trying to rope her in for their movie.

The latest project Imaika Nodigal which she had signed was with ‘Demonte Colony’ directer Ajay Gnanamuthu. The male lead of the movie is Atharva.

Though it is said that the movie will have a different script with the director planning to make it on par with Hollywood, there was huge speculations about the characterisations of the lead actors.

The latest revealations made about the movie say that Atharva plays as the younger brother of Nayanthara. It is also said that the story revolves how the duo escape from a dangerous situation in which they are caught.