A good ‘Saithan’ Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony Saithan Movie
Showing respect to the people who criticised the teaser of ‘Saithaan’ saying that it contains sacred Sanskrit slogans thereby hurting the sentiments of Hindus, Vijay Antony has decided to change the lyrics and re-release the teaser.

The music director turned hero has impressed the audience with his acting skills in previous movies has two more in his kitty – ‘Saithaan’ and ‘Yeman’ which are slated to be released this year.

Releasing a statement on ‘Saithaan’ controversy, he said, “I have learnt that the lyrics of the Saithaan teaser which were penned by late lyricist Annamalai has hurt the sentiment of a few people. Following their request the lyrics will be changed and the same will be uploaded today at 7 pm, till then the old teaser will be removed from my Facebook, Twitter and youtube account.”