No TASMAC scenes @ Kadavul Irukan Kumaru

Anandhi, GV Prakash, Nikki Garlani in Kadavul Irukan Kumaru
This film have no TASMAC scenes as its not required in the script says #KIK @Rajesh.m Director !!

I required a youngster hero for “Kadavul Irukan Kumaru” so that youngsters can connect with the hero and I felt GV Prakash apt for the role where I work with him for the first time. Nikki Garlani who played GV Prakash’s female lead in Darling plays female lead and Anandhi plays another female lead and she has worked with GV Prakash in two films Trisha Illana Nayanthara and Enakku Innoru Per Iruku.

This film have a strong supporting cast of Prakash Raj, Robo Shankar, Singam puli, RJ Balaji, Naan Kadavul Rajendran and hence we planned to do a complete entertainer with this big team. Every youngsters can relate to the situation where they get caught in a problem and escapes before it becomes serious and they would say ” Kadavul Irukan Kumaru”. GV has suggested us this title after hearing the script and I liked his suggestion very much and hence I approved it. This film is almost complete and only 10% of the shoot remains and post production is also happening simultaneously. We need some promotions to reach this movie to audience and youngsters and we also planned to reach this title particularly to youngsters. We wanted to link the title phrase “Kadavul Irukan Kumaru” with real life situations and hence we planned for advertisements which worked very well.Initially we fixed Nikki Garlani and Avika gor as the female leads and also completed photoshoot but she had to withdraw due to her contract in Bollywood tv serial and then we went with Anandhi as she is a very good performer and she also proved her abilities in Kayal.

GV Prakash plays a character who has completed his college final year and RJ Balaji also plays similar role. We cannot reveal the details about other characters and these characters have interesting traits. This is a road movie and the travel in this film will be interesting and have all the elements of my film. We are aiming to get U certificate and all the families can enjoy. When we are shooting for the film a container lorry without knowing about the shoot and almost struck our vehicle. Luckily GV Prakash and RJ Balaji escaped with small injuries and we felt “Kadavul Irukan Kumaaru” at that time. There are very few scenes where Nikki and Anandi comes together and especially in song. They had healthy competition among us like who performs dance in a single take which happened in Malaysia. This song which features GV Prakash,Nikki and Anandhi is very interesting. Sakthi Saravanan does cinematography of the film after Siva Manasula Sakthi and Boss Engira Baskaran.

This is the road film he captures after Saroja and it was challenging for him to capture without disturbing public vehicles. We cannot carry many equipments like other places and we have used helicams and also used some advanced technology to capture. Music is also done by GV Prakash and he has benchmark of doing 50 films with Theri. He composed tunes to attract the youngsters and Locality boys songs will be loved by every youngster. All my films are U certificate except Siva Manasula Sakthi and hence this film will also be a U certificate. This won’t be like Trisha Illana Nayanthara which requires much adult content for the script and it will have U certificate and will be liked by all. He has composed 5 songs for the film and the Locality boys will be a mass hit. This album also has a very good melody and stylish “Aei Paathu Po Di”. This film has good comedy and even I write serious scripts I would like to give humour touch as it will provide good entertainment. This film also have a good comedy outline and also actors like happening Robo Shankar, Singam puli who is also a director and youth sensation RJ Balaji and everyone gave their best in the film.

TASMAC scenes would be there in many films but my films are targeted maybe because of teasers. This film have no TASMAC scenes as its not required in the script. This film starts in Chennai and goes to Goa and Pondicherry. This film is not alone road film and it has elements like love,action,family,chase and also very good drama and comedy throughout. Hence it becomes a complete road film and will be completely entertaing. I had the feel of working in SMS when I worked with GV Prakash. I worked this film like my first film. We have to plan a lot to shoot this film as it is difficult to shoot even a small scene in road and we shot this with grrat difficulty throughout a schedule. I am working for the first time with producer siva sir and he is the Secretary of producer council. We have met before but didn’t have a bigger contact. In this film I got opportunity to work fully which was a great experience and his ideas were like youngsters. He gave full support to shoot this film. He was very happy as this film was similar to his previous super hit Saroja and he told he feels the same positive vibes as Saroja and he is completely involved in the film.

There is a ghost episode in the film which came very interesting in which Rajendran performs his role. Everyone can enjoy this film and it has good songs,good comedy and good entertainment like my previous films and everyone can watch it with family. We have planned and worked to provide entertainment and I hope all will like this film.